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"Lil Sexy"

Lil Sexy was introduced to the fleet nearly 10 years ago. She's a 2008 Peterbilt 335, single-unit straight rolloff truck. Her containers of choice can hold up to 15 cubic yards of material. She's no stranger to hard labor and can get down and dirty with the best of 'em.


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"Big Sexy"

Big Sexy is a serious beef cake of a truck weighing in at a whopping 72,000 (!) pounds, and that's unloaded folks! If ever you were a little kid and made motions to the truckers to honk their horn, this is one that you would've loved. 2006 was the year this Big Poppa was born and 10+ years later, he is still a 30-yard payload-toting machine!


#BigPoppaToYou #Wisneskis #MeetTheWisFleet

"Chassis" RIP 2022

Chassis's (pronounced like Chass EE) is a little more emotionally-driven than most. She technically didn't have a name for a number of years; she was the workhorse of the entire fleet. The biggest and toughest of them all. 2013 she finally earned her badge of honor by coining the name after her newly-appointment passenger, a 6 year old American Bulldog. 

For all the dog lovers out there, you know the moment of joy when your four-legged buddy jumps into the car for a ride? Add an additional 3-4 feet to that! And the slobbery smiles when they hang their head out the window? Think about them being able to look down on all the other vehicles as they slowly roll by. It's a real sight to see! 

Chassis hopped up in this 2004 Mack like she was a champ and rode around like a master of the biggest trash parade ever. Her smile stretched from one floppy ear to the next. In her mind, she was conquering the world from the moment she left the driveway to the scale house at the landfill. Chassis saw it all and so it was only expected that the truck of her choice would be named after her sweet self.

Fast forward to age 16 and both Chassis-s are still trucking along, one maybe a tad slower than the other. That ole girl doesn't spring into the truck anymore but she has left her mark on the family and the truck. This truck is special because anything named after a dog who set the bar high would expect no less.


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