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"Walkers for Knockers" & Westmoreland Walks 


We have set up a Facebook page to make easy for our teammates to connect. Please join us in supporting the warriors we love! 

Wisneski's Westmoreland Services understands that the only true way to be successful in life is to give back. We don't like to "toot our own horn" but think it is important to show that when small businesses stay in business, their communities continue to thrive. 


In 2014 we began participating in the Westmoreland Walks Breast Cancer Walk at Twin Lakes. There have been too many women (and men) that have had to fight this disease. It affects not only those with the disease but their families and friends. And although there is no guaranteed cure, there are so many ways that we all can work to make the battle a little more bearable. 

Close friends brought us to our first Westmoreland Walks event and we were forever changed. What we liked most about this event is that Westmoreland Walks kept all the money raised right here in Pennsylvania. There were Days at the Spa, scholarships and so much more, each year gaining a bit more traction and having visible growth.

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