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Free Fireworks Display for Our Community

Marcus WIsneski, owner of Wisneski's, has always had an interest in organizing and shooting fireworks displays. For many years, the displays were just for close family and friends. In fact, if you are from the Mt Pleasant/Latrobe area you likely saw some of these shows over the last 15+ years. You just maybe had no idea who was orchestrating them. 

2019 was a year of many disappointments as the COVID pandemic hit the area. Community events were cancelled; schools and businesses attempted to go virtual businesses; people were forced to hibernate in their homes. As 2020 came along, there was a lot of hope (and hype) about potential re-openings and some return to normalcy. But as our nation's birth date neared, it was quite obvious that normalcy wasn't in the near future. 

Many very last-minute ideas began to surface (isn't procrastination how everyone succeeds?!) led to the first ever Drive-In style fireworks display. It was a simple idea that became a huge success. The event was the first of its kind and brought in viewers from the entire tri-state area. With such success, it would seem unjust not make this a yearly event.


The time of year will likely vary and location may as well, but you can bet that Marcus will be working hard to celebrate our country and community.


Follow our Facebook page for Here Comes the Boom for event-specific details each year. We also invite you to share videos and photos on the timeline to share with Marcus and those assisting who honestly never truly see the show from your point of view!

2020: Westmoreland County Fairgrounds (July 4th)

2021: Latrobe Motor Speedway (Sept 11)

2023: Youngstown VFD Centennial Celebration (July 29th)

2024: TBD

Here Comes the Boom Over the Years

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