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Current Items Not Accepted

Thank you for being our customer! Unfortunately there are some items we simply cannot accept as we are unallowed to dump them along with typical rubbish into the landfill. These items are: 

  • Grass clippings, gravel, stone, dirt, ashes

  • Demolition and constructionbBuilding products such as wood, drywall, shingles, or windows (home remodeling items)

  • Car batteries, oil, or tires 

  • Any liquid paints, sealants or stains

  • Fitness equipment 

  • TVs, computers or electronics - contact Westmoreland Cleanways 724-879-4020 |

  • Washer/dryer, stove, refrigerators, grills

  • Couches with metal frames (includes sleeper sofas), rolled carpeting, mattresses or box springs 

There will be an additional charge for commodes, hot water tanks and some other items. Call for details. Kitty litter is a common item and accepted. However, please remember this can get very heavy if simply dumped into a single trash can. Individual bags of reasonable weights are appreciated! 

The best course of action if you are EVER unsure, is to call us at 724-424-3031 at least 2 business days ahead of schedule. If we are able to pick it up, we can make accommodations if notified at least 2 days in advance. Thank you!

Toter Details

Wisneski's uses toters for our customers' pickups. We have 3 different sizes - 48 gallon, 64 gallon and 96 gallon. You only pay for the amount of service (size of toter you need).


We ask for all our customers to use these toters for their waste for several reasons...


  • We believe that by using these we are making our best effort to condense waste so it does not get disturbed by late-night animals or inclement weather. We appreciate the communities we work in and we want to keep them free of free-flying waste. 

  • Toters also provide our drivers with a visual guide. Our trucks run at night so when you wake up, your trash will have "disappeared." Routes are more efficient this way and you don't have to get stuck behind a stinky garbage truck on your way to work (at least not OURS anyway). At night, areas look nothing like they do in the daytime. Mailbox numbers (if they are even there) are not visible, account stickers are not reflective enough and in bad weather it is very unsafe to be slowing/stopping frequently to try to locate a black trash bag. 

  • All Wisneski's toters are covered under warranty. If something happens to your toter, just let us know! We will either fix or replace it. 

  • You will never have to buy another toter again ... or OVERPAY for it. We aren't trying to make a business off of selling toters; it sounds both boring and kind of odd. We just want to provide the best service we can for each and every one of customers!

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