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Larger than Normal/Special Pickups


Just like any other hauler, we are limited to disposal of certain hazardous wastes such as paints or car batteries. Many times however, we do have extra services such as special pickups to accomodate those times when your trash is more than what you pay for. If you are going to leave an item out that is much larger and/or heavier than your typical pickup, please give us a call to discuss, at least 1 day in advance. Most of the time, accommodations can be met.  Please understand if you do not call ahead of time, the item(s) will be not be picked up along with your regular trash schedule. 


Remember this - our job is one of the most important jobs around! Don't believe it? Imagine what it would be like if it just stopped... Respect our time (and our backs) and we will keep up the quality service!

Call Us to Schedule

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