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Wisneski's for Your Home...


Residential waste removal service bills are the most common bills paid that customers know the least about. And many times no research is put into those long contracts that you are forced to sign.  Before you know it, you're paying hidden costs that can quickly begin to add up.


With Wisneski's, you can always expect your bill to be easy to understand. Take a look at your current bill and then give us a call to compare pricing. You'll be happy that you did!


No Automated Phone Service - When was the last time you called your waste hauler, they actually knew your name? Welcome to Wisneski's! Here - you're family!

Independently Owned and Operated - No large corporate structure means honest, fair, and loyal service to all of our customers.

Already in Your Area - Did you know many of your neighbors already use Wisneski's Westmoreland Services? Give us a call and find out how you can too!

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Our prices are competitive and billed on a quarterly basis. For details on service in your area, please call 724.424.3031 with your physical address. 


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